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Issue 1

Spring/Summer 1999

Early Arthurian Tradition:

Text and Context

A Letter from the Editor


  • The Age of Arthur: Some Historical and Archaeological Background

    by Christopher Snyder, Marymount University

    Abstract: The following is an historiographic essay on Britain in the fifth and sixth centuries AD. The discussion begins with an identification of the historical and material evidence used for writing the history of this period, followed by a survey of recent scholarship. The author also relates academic research into the fifth and sixth centuries with popular attempts to identify the period with an historical Arthur.

  • Gildas and the City of the Legions

    by P.J.C. Field, University of Wales, Bangor

    Abstract: What Gildas calls "the City of the Legions" is York, which has implications for the rate of progress of the Anglo-Saxon conquest; and what Nennius called "the City of the Legion" is also York (although he seems not to have known it), which has implications for the credibility of his list of Arthur's battles.

  • Early Medieval Tintagel: An Interview with Archaeologists Rachel Harry and Kevin Brady

    by the HA Staff.

    Abstract: A discussion with two members of the team of archaeologists uncovering new finds at Tintagel.

  • Brigantia, Cartimandua, and Gwenhwyfar

    by Michelle Ziegler, Belleville, Illinois

    Abstract: The striking similarities between the fall of Brigantia to the Romans in the first century and the fall of Arthur's realm are examined. The origins and early development of Gwenhwyfar and her relationship with Arthur and Medraut are also explored.

The Forum

  • The Gododdin Revisited

    by Tim Clarkson, University of Manchester

    Abstract: A critical review of John Koch's reconstruction of the historical background to the Old Welsh Gododdin poems which, in addition to depicting aspects of the heroic society of "Dark Age" Britain, may contain the earliest literary reference to Arthur.

History by Biography

  • Lucius Artorius Castus, Part 1: An Officer and an Equestrian

    by Linda A. Malcor, Aliso Viejo, California

    Abstract: Even though Lucius Artorius Castus lived in the second century instead of the fifth or sixth century, he has been repeatedly advanced as a candidate for the historical King Arthur. In the first section of this two-part essay, I present his biography as it is represented by two late-second century inscriptions from modern Croatia.

  • Artúr mac Aedan of Dalriada

    by Michelle Ziegler, Belleville, Illinois

    Abstract: A discussion of the life of Artúr mac Aedan of the Dalriadic Cenél nGabráin and the relevant phase of the reign of his father Aedan, king of Dalriada (r. 574-606/8). There is also an evaluation of the assertion that Artúr was the historical King Arthur.

Medievalia on the Web: Arthur on the Net/Web

by Norman Hinton, University of Illinois at Springfield

Archaeology News Briefs: A Retrospective of the 1990s

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