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Issue 18 (2018)

Issue 18


An Annotated Edition and Translation of The Older Law of Västergötland: The Rightless Code

Paul Peterson, University of Minnesota, Morris

Abstract: The Older Law of Västergötland is the oldest surviving text in Old Swedish and marks the beginning of parchment manuscripts written in the vernacular in Sweden. As a result of its primary status, the law code has received a lot of attention in Sweden, but very little scholarship on the text has appeared outside of Sweden and practically nothing in English. The section of the law presented here in the original Old Swedish accompanied by an English translation comes from the most famous part of the law known as Rætløsæ bolkær (The Rightless Code), where the process of electing the Swedish king is discussed, as well as a passage that mentions the punishment for accusing someone of witchcraft. An annotated glossary of the Old Swedish text and detailed commentary on the translation is provided at the end.

Published 03-Oct-2018

Prologue to the Laws of King Alfred: An Edition and Translation for Students

Jay Gates, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Abstract: This is an edition and translation of the Prologue to the lawcode of King Alfred (r. 871–899) intended for students.

Published 03-Oct-2018


Forum: Never Fear—the Lone Medievalists Are Here!

Kisha Tracy, Fitchtburg State University

Published 03-Oct-2018


Recent Scholarship

Maring, Heather. Signs that Sing: Hybrid Poetics in Old English Verse. Reviewed by Helen Appleton.

Published 19-Jun-2018

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