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Coming Full Circle:
Reflections on the First Millenium

The forthcoming issue of The Heroic Age (No. 3) will contain a broad spectrum of articles and essays. Some focus specifically upon the millenium and consider, for example, historical attitudes to the millenium or towards the political movements which were prevalent, within Anglo-Saxon England, at that time. Others consider works which span the millenium in transmission, for example the Admonitio ad Filium Spritualem.

We have been especially lucky in that the director of the Electronic Beowulf Project has granted us an interview, and to complement this the issue will also contain essays which consider some of the narrative issues of the poem, and others which focus upon concepts of "lordship." As usual, the issue will feature various reviews both of web-based and printed media.

The Heroic Age will accept submissions for Issue 3 until January 15, 2000.

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