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Issue 2
Autumn/Winter 1999
ISSN 1526-1867
Issue Editor: Michelle Ziegler

A Letter from the Editor


  • Forty Years of Fear: Facts, Fiction, and the Dates for Vortigern in Chapter 66 of the Historia Brittonum

    by Robert Vermaat, Houten, The Netherlands

    Abstract: The accuracy of the three dates relating to the reign of Vortigern in Chapter 66 of the Historia Brittonum has been questioned or refuted. Attempts to establish conclusively that "Nennius" deliberately fabricated these dates remain unconvincing. The possibility that they are accurate must, therefore, remain.

  • The Politics of Exile in Early Northumbria

    by Michelle Ziegler, Belleville, Illinois

    Abstract: The politics of exile in early Bernicia and Deira between c. 592 and 635 can tell us a great deal about the political environment and orientation of their kingdoms in the early seventh century.

  • Lucius Artorius Castus, Part 2: The Battles in Britain

    by Linda A. Malcor, Aliso Viejo, California

    Abstract: Even though Lucius Artorius Castus lived in the second century, his biography provides a number of parallels with King Arthur. In this part of the series, I present the parallels between Castus and Arthur's traditional battle list.

The Forum

History by Biography

  • Rhydderch Hael

    by Tim Clarkson, University of Manchester

    Abstract: Rhydderch Hael appears in various texts relating to events in Northern Britain around the turn of the seventh century, in which he is commonly depicted as a king of Strathclyde. His historicity and identity are here examined, in the light of current scholarly views on the reliability of the sources that mention him.

Electronic Medievalia: Anglo-Saxonica

by L.J. Swain, Western Michigan University

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The Heroic Age, Issue 2

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